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Joey Parengkuan – Member since November 2021
“Hi everyone, my name is Joey Parengkuan. I’ve been living in Jakarta since January 2008. I am Director/Owner of PT. Interasia Rental Heavy Equipment (IRHE) and PT. Interasia Logistik Service (ILS).

At PT. IRHE we specialize in providing heavy lift equipment and solutions to the construction and oil & gas industries. The majority of our equipment has been utilized for the Light Rail Transit and High Speed Railway Jakarta to Bandung project. PT. ILS provides international forwarding services to assist businesses with all freight forwarding requirements. We have a solid network overseas which has proven successful in offering service excellence to our clients.

I look forward to meeting you guys during any upcoming DBN events.”

Matthys van der Lely – Member since November 2021
“Matthys sees Indonesia as his “motherland”. His mother was born in Surabaya and several generations before her lived here as well.

He has a background in retail and in the meat/protein sector in South East Asia.  From 1990 he worked for Makro in Thailand, in 1994 he and his family moved to Indonesia where he became President Director of Makro. After 7 great years they moved back to the Netherlands where he managed and, after a management buy-out, owned bookstore group Selexyz.

Returning to South East Asia in 2013, he worked in a large poultry company in the Philippines as SVP retail, M&A and business development. He set up Bounty Segar Indonesia and led the acquisition process of poultry market leader in New Zealand.  After moving to Vietnam in 2018, he became CEO of KKR’s investment Masan MeatLife,

Last year, Matthys founded consultancy AsiAspire pte ltd in Singapore with the intention to use his knowledge of the ASEAN markets, the culture, the languages and his network to make companies successful in this exciting market. He is presently engaged in an assignment In Indonesia and travels to Indonesia regularly.”

Maarten Vrouenraets – Member since September 2021
“My name is Maarten Vrouenraets. A 29-year-old Dutch first time entrepreneur that arrived in Indonesia 5 years ago. I am fanatic about triathlon, and love to participate in local swimming, running and biking events across Indonesia. The appetite for adventure manifests itself in travel and the joy of operating in cross cultural settings.

My latest (ad)venture brought me to my current journey at YOU. Since 2016 I am operating as Co-Founder & COO with the mission to unlock the potential of Indonesia’s 85 million millennials through quality nutrition. The engagement with serial entrepreneurs and a talented Indonesian team has unlocked a new level of ownership that has been greatly rewarding from both a personal and professional perspective.

As individual development only gets meaning when it can be shared with others, I am most excited to join the knowledge sharing platform facilitated by the DBN community.”

Theodoor Bakker – Member since May 2021
“I am Senior Foreign Counsel at Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro. I have worked in Southeast Asia since 1984, over time building up experience in foreign direct investment, project finance, infrastructure development and general manufacturing investment. In addition I advise private investors on real estate investments and leases in Bali. I am also an accredited international commercial arbitrator. Over my 35 years in Indonesia I have published articles on insolvency and cross-border investment issues. I also teach at the University of Indonesia and other universities throughout Indonesia. I was Vice Chairman of Indonesia Netherlands Association and Board member of Eurocham for many years. Now I sit on the Supervisory Board of Green School Bali. I am a keen collector of paintings by Dutch artists who lived and worked in Indonesia up to independence.”

Lieselotte Heederik – Member since May 2021

“Hi! I’m the co-founder and director business development of Nazava Water Filters.

Nazava is an award winning enterprise that solves your water issues at the household level. Our products purify well, tap and rain water and make it safe to drink.

Our water filters are the only products on the Indonesian market that are certified by the WHO for bacterial removal.

We have been living in Indonesia since 2007 and are currently expanding our operations to Ethiopia and Kenya. I look forward to connecting with the other members of the DBN!”

Marloes Moerman – Member since April 2021
“Last November I arrived with my husband and two sons in Jakarta for my new role as Managing Director of PT. Air Liquide Indonesia.

Air Liquide is a worldwide supplier of gases, and related services and technologies. Some typical applications include hydrogen for the (petro)chemical industries, nitrogen for food freezing, oxygen for hospitals and argon for welding.

The company locally employs around 200 people, and we have locations in Cilegon, Jakarta, Bekasi region and some activities in Surabaya and Lampung.

After the first few hectic months, we start to feel more and more at home and that frees up time to connect with new people. I look very much forward to meeting with you soon, either virtual or face to face.”

Edwin Mooibroek – Member since April 2021
“Edwin Mooibroek is a Dutch journalist with many years of experience in Indonesia.

He is also the host of the ‘Indonesië podcast’ and founder of Dutch Podcast Agency, a full-service podcast agency which produces podcasts for companies and organizations.”

Dick Stuip – Member since April 2021
“Hi everyone, my name is Dick Stuip, born in The Netherlands. I have been in Indonesia from 1991, but in between had some other assignments in the US, Netherland and Singapore. I currently work for MIR Insurance Brokers (the Indonesian partner of Lockton Global), where we advise national and international organisations with regard to their insurance and risk management requirements.

I work in Jakarta, but spend my weekends in Pelabuhan Ratu, where my wife Ana runs the House of Belasun resort.

We look forward to meeting you all in the near future but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us for business or leisure.”