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Frank Moniaga – Member since August 2023

Very pleased to become a member of the DBN.

I am Frank Moniaga, a Jakarta residing Indonesian citizen who retired from the DuPont company in 2007 and had spent the last 9 years actively in a MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Piping)-construction and industrial maintenance company, Pt Grama Bazita Maintenance Indonesia. As of early 2023, we have established a Joint Operations Venture with BESA, an Engineering Design company from Borger, Holland, which Co-founder Gerard Sanders is also a member of DBN. Our companies and combined activity, are looking forward to provide our service to industrial manufacturing companies, who plan to expand their facilities and where we offer a Design and Build-concept, to ensure the projects be constructed be finished as close as possible on time and on budget.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in case of need.

With kind regards, Frank Moniaga

Nishchal Sardjoe – Member since March 2023

Very pleased to become a member of the DBN!

I am Nishchal Sardjoe, and since October 2022 the new representative of Deltares in Indonesia. Traditionally, Deltares has been involved in many water related projects in Indonesia, both as a strategic partner for the Indonesian Government and for other institutions such as the World Bank. With our specialized knowledge on water, subsurface and their interaction with several other disciplines, among others climate change, we are increasingly looking forward to provide a positive contribution to the many natural challenges that this beautiful country is facing in the future.

Looking forward to getting to know more people within and outside of the DBN! Please do not hesitate to get into contact!

With kind regards, Nishchal Sardjoe


Vanessa Tekelenburg – Member since November 2022

I’m happy to be joining the Dutch Business Network! My name is Vanessa, I am the CEO of full-service digital agency Accent Interactive.

We develop online strategies, design appealing websites and build complex web applications and web shops. We are an ambitious and creative agency with a solid foundation. We have been elected one of the top 10 eCommerce companies in the Netherlands.

With 15+ years of experience at the cutting edge of communication, we have conceptualized and developed many (enterprise-level) applications.

We translate business goals of clients into feasible projects. My added value lies at the intersection of marketing and strategy.

 We started 17 years ago in the Netherlands and are now also expanding to Indonesia. I am here to connect with people and to discover all that Indonesia has to offer.

 Looking forward to meeting you all! Please feel free to reach out.

 If you have any question in the digital domain, I will be happy to help you.

Patrick Beintema – Member since October 2022

“Dear all,

After working for about 25 years for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, my wife and I decided in 2015 to settle down in Indonesia. We started our bakery in 2016 by selling Rijstevlaai and other Dutch baked treats at first.

In 2017 we extended our company with one partner who added artisan bread and traditional Neapolitan pizza to our assortment. We opened our first store in 2018 and we can proudly say that, since October 2021, we are the first certified AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) pizzeria in Indonesia.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all.”


Martijn Wieriks – Member since September 2022

“Hi all,

I’ve been in Jakarta since 2012 and have worked as an entrepreneur in consultancy, financial services, and data analytics.

I’m currently the CDO at JULO, an Indonesian financial technology start-up that enables the underbanked with access to fair and affordable credit and financial services.

After years of seeing DBN activities pass by, I’m now keen to join to learn, share, and network with like-minded professionals in the DBN network.

Looking forward to meeting you all!”


Marcel Heilijgers – Member since September 2022

“Hello everyone,

This is my third stint in Jakarta, having been here in the ’80s as a JIS student, then in the 90s and now since 2013 for work. In between I worked in Europe for Novell and Microsoft and set up a Cloud organization in the US.  In May 2021 we founded our consulting company PT. ASM consulting partners, with 4 partners from various career backgrounds ranging from Acer Computers, Kununu, Ogilvy and Microsoft.  Our focus is on US/European companies looking to enter the Indonesian market and vice-versa Indonesian companies looking to expand internationally. We provide Business Consulting (Corporate Strategy/Finance), Marketing / Communications  (Brand Strategy / Digital Marketing), Technology Consulting and Recruitment.

Looking forward to meet everyone.”


Roger Slangen – Member since October 2022

Hi all, I am Roger Slangen and living/working in Indonesia since 2005, after having spent years setting up businesses in the Indian subcontinent, Africa/ The Middle East and the Caribbean.

Experienced in bulk logistics, commodity trading/ inspection/certification and in the animal feed sector, gained over 25 years working for Dutch multinationals.

Currently, I am responsible for the Indonesian activities of the multinational Cremer with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

The group is active in trading & shipping of molasses, steel, oleochemicals, minerals & ores and also in the production of cereals, food, animal feed and oleochemicals.

Looking forward to meet interesting people and having fun!

Wim Strijbosch – Member since September 2022

“Hello Dutch Business Network, I recently joined DBN to connect with people that have more experience in doing business in
this beautiful country, to share opportunities and to discover what Indonesia has to offer.
My name is Wim Strijbosch and I have 25+ years experience in international sales and new
business development as well as in brand marketing and project management for various
companies within the luxury b-t-b industry (Riviera Maison, Polo Ralph Lauren, Remy
Martin, Promosalons). I am looking for challenging projects here in Jakarta f.e. new business
development, start-up, route to market. In my spare time you will find me on the tennis court or on the golf course.
Looking forward to meet you in person soon. Please feel free to reach out.”

Jens Anker – Member since September 2022
“DBN’ers! I’m happy to be joining the network. My name is Jens Anker and recently moved to Indonesia to start a branch office on behalf of my Dutch employer Marvesa Oils & Fats.

Marvesa is active in the supply chain of vegetable oils. The current business set-up is that Marvesa sources products in origin (Latin America, Asia, Europe) and sells them mostly in Europe. Marvesa’s products mostly go towards the animal feed industry but are also increasingly going to the bioenergy industry.

The Dutch entity has been selling to Indonesian customers for a couple of years now. Marvesa’s current aim in Indonesia is to move further up the value chain and become a bulk importer of vegetable oil. This should allow Marvesa to deliver our products to our customers’ doorstep and control the supply chain from origin to the end consumer.

Looking forward to meeting you guys! Please do feel free to reach out.”

Natasha Nababan – Member since September 2022

“Hi everyone, my name is Natasha Nababan.  I’m Indonesian and partly educated in the Netherlands. The period granted me the opportunity to have a Dutch foster family who continues to be a dear part of my life.

I am a lawyer of over two decades of experience and have been fortunate to have a global experience, applying the skill in different environments and jurisdictions. This has given me more appreciation on quality jurists who operate with professional integrity and able to provide impactful support.  With that framework, I recently launched my own private practice.  I am also passionate to be a “Dr Doolittle”  of the profession – I believe legal should be something comprehensible and accessible for non-jurists and it can be a practical knowledge, much like increased awareness on managing one’s finance or health.

I look forward to joining DBN, connect and thrive with the community.”


Septian Waluyan – Member since September 2022
“Hello Dutch Business Network members! I’m so glad to join DBN and would like to know more of you. My name is Septian. I lived in Singapore for almost a decade and lived in Netherlands for 3 years in Rotterdam and Utrecht. I’m currently a Partner in a market-entry and strategy consulting firm named YCP Solidiance. I built my expertise in consulting industry in Indonesia with the focus in FMCG, consumer-related sectors as well as manufacturing. Prior coming back to Indonesia, I was a product manager for Bugaboo, the design company, in The Netherlands. I graduated with an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, and received my bachelor degree from Singapore.”

Maarten Wesselius – Member since August 2022
“Hello everyone, my name is Maarten Wesselius, I am a Dutch national currently living in Jakarta. I am here to live with my Indonesian girlfriend whom I met in Leiden when we were both studying at the university there, and I am looking for a job in Jakarta.

I have a solid background of working in Software Development with a current interest and training in Data Science and Machine Learning. I am also an electronic musician, with two albums released on music labels and several released myself, and I initiated and organised a new media art festival in the Netherlands for several years.

I love Indonesian culture and Indonesian food and I have been learning Bahasa Indonesia. I am looking forward to being part of the Dutch Business Network so that I can get to know the Dutch companies active in Indonesia, get to know the business climate better and more generally to meet other people and connect. See you!”

Yulia – Member since July 2022
“Warm regards from Jakarta. My name is Yulia and I am representing The Water Agency as a Project Consultant. I am trained as an Architect and Urban Designer with the heart, mind, and soul for urban sustainability.

Altogether with The Water Agency as a social enterprise which is based in the Netherlands but with operations in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, I help the company to grow and serves its mission in overcoming global water challenges and aligning them with climate objectives.
Therefore, I am grateful to be part of the big family of the Dutch Business Network and looking forward to have fruitful collaborations with the members, because we can only go far if we go together!

Kelvin Tirta – Member since June 2022
“Hi Everyone, my name is Kelvin and I was born and raised in Jakarta. I have lived, studies and worked in the Netherlands for some years I recently moved back to Indonesia and now I represent Except Integrated Sustainability. Except is one of the first consultancies in integrated sustainability in the Netherlands, raising the bar in sustainable development for over 700 projects worldwide in the past 22 years, from cities, buildings to agriculture, industry, and organizations. I’m excited to share our knowledge and expertise with businesses in Indonesia, and I look forward to making meaningful connections here!”

Robert van Buchem – Member since June 2022
“Robert van Buchem is an Agri/Food professional and active in Indonesia for 20 years. Over the past years I have been active in Indonesia for Numico (which later became Danone), and established a spice processing business which I divested in 2018. Currently I am active as Director of PT Exter Taste Solutions, which is a flavour company active in the Indonesian savoury food industry. We supply natural savoury flavours to various industries, like the noodle, meat, beverage-, seasoningindustry, a.o.  PT Exter Taste Solutions is part of the Dutch company Exter B.V. which are located in Zaandam. It’s great to get in touch with you all again. You can contact me for either golf or business.”

Ben Maas – Member since June 2022
“Hello everyone, currently in the research phase of establishing the Dutch based global franchise fit20 in Indonesia. fit20 focuses specifically on the higher educated and ambitious -above-average earning- 40+ age group who often have a growing family at home, and for whom time is scarcer than money. fit20 serves the business market professionals (e.g. hospitals, office towers, shopping malls), as well as private individuals.

Not just seeing this as a business opportunity, but -as a former semi-professional sailing athlete and now an official fresh senior citizen (61)- I know how important it is to maintain your strength and fitness levels, to continue to enjoy living an active life at a later age. Chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes and heart related issues) are on the rise worldwide and Indonesia is certainly no exception. I am confident that fit20 will have an impact on improving the health of many in Indonesia, the extensive research which has been done by an assistant professor (i.e. James Steele) of the Solent University over a 6 year period -with data of 15,000 fit20 members-  has proven that it does, can’t think of a more rewarding business to be in!

I am thrilled to be now a member of DBN, and look forward to new business relations and possibly new friendships! As a spare time PADI scuba pro hoping there are scuba enthusiasts among the members. Based in Jakarta, look forward to meet all of you in person!”

André Sylvestre – Member since April 2022
“André Sylvestre has been in the financial and investment industry for more than 20 years with experience in trading various financial instruments, portfolio management, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, merger & acquisition as well as the current position in corporate finance. André has a broad network in South East Asia finance, banking and investment community while focusing his competence on consumer goods and FMCG. With both capital market/investment banking and private equity background, André understands both the operational side as well as the creation of market value of an asset.

Specialties: financial model, corporate finance, merger and acquisition, corporate structure, due diligence, strategic planning, portfolio building, risk assessment, derivative market, commodity futures.”