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Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio – Member since March 2021
“My name is Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio. Born in Surabaya and lived in the Netherlands for 12 years, I have now been back in Indonesia for the past 11 years. I am a graduate of Erasmus University with MSc degree in Strategic Management. Currently, I work in our family’s business which involves edible oil & derivatives manufacturing as well as in the Horeca Industry. My main function within the family business involves the following entities:
1. PT. Hasil Abadi Perdana, an oil refinery – Surabaya
2. PT. Citra Nutrindo Langgeng, a shortening, margarine & packed cooking oil manufacturer – Surabaya
3. The Shalimar Boutique Hotel – Malang
4. The Cakra Bali Hotel – Denpasar, Bali
5. La Regina Ristorante Italiano – Malang

Apart from these functions, I have been serving as the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in East Java since August 2017 which has been an absolute pleasure and honor!

In my free time, I absolutely love spending my time in the equestrian world with the horses.

Happy to be a part of DBN and looking forward to get connected with everyone!”

Jelle de Jong – Member since February 2021
“Together with a fellow Dutchman (Wouter van Rij), I founded Lexia Analytics almost 9 years ago.  We specialize in TPM (Trade Promotion Management) software for consumer goods companies (basically software to help them manage their pricing and promotions).  I officially live and work from our English office but spend a lot of time in Asia and in particular Indonesia (at least pre-CoVid).  We have a few customers in Indonesia already and are hoping to expand further over the next few years.  As soon as CoVid is “behind us”, I will be visiting Indonesia once more and hope to meet some of you in the flesh!”

Tommy Verlaan – Member since December 2020
“Hello Everyone, I am Tommy Verlaan from the Netherlands. I have been in Jakarta for over 5 years now. I am married to an Indonesian since 2016 and a proud father of a 4 year old Daughter. I worked for a local Development company for 4 years who send me throughout the world in order to help clients with our product. After being send out around the world for 4 years and missing out precious family time I have decided to quit my job and start my own company called DIGISECON.”

Martijn Kamerman – Member since December 2020
“BE Networks offers you a great solution to the overkill of tech assets on the market, while we provide high-end products — Cisco, Juniper and many more — within affordable, smart solutions and a responsible footprint. We deliver completely tailored services for your team via supremely durable high‑quality refurbished systems with renewed life‑cycles. That means excellent tech for you, at budget-friendly costs. Plus the planet can be a little grateful too, since we support the circular economy and keep quality assets in use, rather than ending up as landfill. A future with excellent tech, in budget, and with great partnerships? We can all be happy with that!”

André Plaisier – Member since December 2020
“Hello all and thanks for having me.
I’m André, born in The Hague and living abroad since 1987. I lived and worked in Brussels, Dar es Salaam, and I’m now very happily residing in Bali. I am an advertising creative with a long track record and experience I am putting to use in Indonesia and Asia through my company I offer full service from communication strategy to concept creation and execution for all media. And because Bali is made of holidays, I also run my little B&B . Don’t hesitate to connect for work or leisure!”

Simone Borggreve – member since November 2020
“Nama saya Simone Borggreve. Freshly graduated from the TU Delft as system engineer in renewable energy. I’m connected to Energy Investment Management where I have two major roles. First, exploring the Indonesian energy market and second, coaching Indonesian students in energy business development. These roles are part-time. I’m therefore looking for new job opportunities here in Jakarta. I prefer a position in the renewable energy sector or in sustainable development.

Look forward to meeting you in person.

Best, Simone”

Tina Artmanni – member since November 2020
“My name is Tina Artmanni, from Kursus Bahasa Indonesia Selamat Datang & Salam Kenal. I am originally from Medan and studied English at University of Jakarta, where I met my husband. In 1992 we moved to The Netherlands. This was not easy in the beginning, but I was of course very eager to learn. After some time, I managed to master Dutch. In the Netherlands I have worked as Executive Board Secretary, for international companies like KPMG and Tata Steel.

In 2017 we moved to Jakarta. Here I started teaching Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners. Something that I’ve been doing since 1995 at different Volksuniversiteiten, beside my regular job.

Currently I also work for University of Indonesia (UI) and Erasmus Training Centre (ETC) as a Dutch teacher. I am your language and culture consultant during your stay in exciting Indonesia.”

Brent Elemans – Member since October 2020
“My name is Brent Elemans, since September 2020 living and working in Jakarta. I work as Business Developer renewable energy for the company Pondera. Pondera is active as both consultant and developer of wind- and solar projects in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea. Currently we are developing Wind Farm Sumba, a 3MW pilot wind energy project on the island Sumba. For this project I am the project manager and also as business developer responsible for acquiring new projects. Starting from pre-feasibility studies, followed by wind measurements, until realization and exploitation.

In my spare time I go on Indonesian adventures with my wife, play guitar or work out in the swimming pool.”

Eline Leising – Member since October 2020
“I am Eline Leising and I am part of Rebel, an economic advisory firm with its roots in Rotterdam. We have been active on the Indonesian market for many years, but not on my passion and specialty: circular economy, which I will add to our Indonesian activities. The circular economy concept can be applied to many aspects, but my focus is on waste and in particular plastics.

Besides my work at Rebel I am co-founder of CaffeInk. CaffeInk extracts colourants and oil from coffee waste. The oil can be used in cosmetic products and the colourants for instance in textile dying.

Outside of work hours I like to dance salsa, play the violin or practice yoga. Looking forward to meet you!”

Johnny Mahtani – member since September 2020
“My name is Johnny Mahtani born in Suriname. I moved out before the independence in 1975  to study in an English boarding school. After my college I went back to Suriname to work and after 1983 moved to Holland. I lived in Nieuwegein and worked in Amsterdam.

Around 1986 I moved to Hongkong and joined a trading company – After extensive bussiness travel within the Caribbean in 1990 I decided to open my own company in Indonesia and have been in Indonesia  for 30 years.

Our company mainly exports Indonesian and Chinese products like textiles , garments, carpets furniture and cosmetics to Europe, Panama, Caribbean islands and South Africa.

Thanks for accepting me as a new member.”

Frans Buijserd – member since September 2020
“My name is Frans Buijserd. This year at the age of 67 I retired as mayor of Nieuwkoop. Because my partner is Indonesian and we have a home in Tangerang Selatan we plan to stay there every year for 3 to 4 months. My idea is to do some volunteer work in and around Jakarta or what else comes on my way there. I am learning Bahasa at the moment.

I graduated as Higher Electronicus at Rens in Hilversum. First I worked as an officer in the signal corps and after that in a company for written technical education called PBNA. In the 80’s I became an alderman in my hometown Apeldoorn and later on Mayor, first in Aalburg and after that in Nieuwkoop. I have been dealing with a lot of administrative subjects, but my favorites were spatial planning, environment, finance and heritage.”

Marco Munscher – member since September 2020
“My name is Marco Munscher. Living in Indonesia since May 2015. Work brought me initially to Indonesia, quickly adapting to the wonderful culture, people and fantastic food of Indonesia. I started within the PLI group responsible for 5 F&B brands. Currently 2.5 years within Diamond Food Indonesia responsible for our International Business.

Diamond Food Indonesia has two main entities.
1) Diamond, manufacturer of milk, ice-cream, yoghurt, cheese, bakery and processed meat.
2) Sukanda Djaya, importer and distributor of foreign brands like Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, San Remo, Elle & Vire, Bonduelle and many others”

Mark Bloemena – member since September 2020

“My name is Mark Bloemena, I work for Dairy Farm International from Hong Kong. Dairy Farm is a Pan Asian retailer, in Indonesia known for Hero, Giant and Guardian. I’ve double role, for Dairy Farm I’m supporting the store construction and facility management across South East Asia. Besides Dairy Farm is an external franchisee for IKEA, operating 12 IKEA stores IKEA in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia, for which I am leading property for IKEA.

Why based in Jakarta. IKEA is currently building 2 IKEA stores in Jakarta and Bandung. The Jakarta store is located in Jakarta Garden City, located in East Jakarta. In the interest of the Dutch Business Network, our main contractor for this project is BAM International. The IKEA store in Bandung, located in Kota Parahiangan Baru. Our Dutch partner in this project is Royal Haskoning. Both projects will open in 2021.”

Renée Corstens – member since September 2020
“I am Renée Corstens and I am the regional representative of Financial Access Consulting Services (“FACS”). We are a financial advisory and technology firm focusing on building access to finance solutions for smallholders in agri commodity chains.

I’ve been in Indonesia since 2015 and worked for an Indonesian agri-tech startup and a community development program. I live together with my partner and dog in Jakarta.

Looking forward to meet you on the next (digital) DBN event!”

Jeroen Nijssen – member since September 2020
“I am Jeroen Nijsen, married to Ida and proud father of our 3 children (Karen 20, Nik 17, Sara 14). After almost 30 years of international banking with Rabobank (including 5 years in Jakarta), ending as CEO Asia (based in Hong Kong), it was time for a break. We decided to settle in Bandung, going full circle in the process, as this is where we first met in 1996…. At 55 I am eager to pursue a ’second career’, most likely in supervisory board positions and consultancy roles (general finance, risk management, private equity), which I can combine with my family responsibilities and my current role as Chairman of Bandung International School. In joining DBN I hope to extend my network of professional contacts and interesting people in Indonesia.”