Interviews Published at 17 June 2020

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HR EXECUTIVE - Talent Acquisition & Development

Responsible for recruiting, training, organizing activities related to culture building and achievement management, administrative activities within the budget, and available resources to help the department achieve the talent development goals of the Company.

1. Be responsible for recruiting all of the vacancies according to the company's recruitment process. Process implementation leaves the company official employees and follows 100% strictly according to the process. Follow, Check, and report the official headcount number and contractor’s employees & about fluctuations in Human resources at the Company periodically.

2. Training and Development: Collaborating and supporting departments to conduct a training needs analysis. Plan, monitor, and implement a company training plan according to the approved plan. Conduct a post-training evaluation and record profile. Tracking, updating, and recording information about employees' training processes. Take charge of the E-learning translation materials into Vietnamese and inform all employees to join the E-learning

3. Monitoring, checking, and maintaining employee records of the Third Parties company in accordance with the company's procedures. Participating in checking the input records of employees of the labor supply unit to ensure that the labor supply is qualified according to the company's regulations. Dispatch increase/decrease as required by the department

4. Participate in organizing cultural-related programs for employees: Town Hall, Business Updated, Core Team, Company Trip, women's day, GROW Awards (Track and synthesize nominations, prepare gifts and organize to give out gifts)…. Make new employee announcements, Happy Birthday, Appointments, and other notifications...

5. Other Tasks: Making some reports such as employee attendance fingerprint tracking reports for relevant parts of the functions, Permanent Reports, Headcount Report, Organization Chart, Annual Leave Report, Recruitment & Staff Turn Overate Report…, Other reports required by direct management. Attend meetings and write meeting minutes for discipline employees. Make the timesheet record for the whole company. Supporting the HR Manager in reminding, monitoring, checking the progress of GROW KPIs goal setting, mid-year, and year-end assessment of the company's GROW KPIs program.


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