Inspiratie Published at 24 July 2020

What opportunities does the Greater Bay Area offer for Dutch SME’s?

On July 14th NLinBusiness organized in cooperation with the Dutch Consulate-General in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and the Benelux Chamber of Commerce PRD and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong a webinar on the opportunities the Greater Bay Area has to offer for Dutch SME’s.

The Greater Bay Area (GBA), consists of nine cities and two special administrative regions in south China. This region is a very important area for the innovative driven development in China. In 2030, it is expected that the region will play a leading role in advanced production techniques, innovation, trade and finance and shipping. Not online in China but in the whole world.

This webinar was the kick-off of a series of webinars on what is happening in and the business of the Greater Bay Area. First the Consul-General of Guangzhou, Michiel Bierkens and the Consul – General of Hong Kong & Macau, Annemieke Ruigrok gave a short introduction. Followed by a presentation of Loretta Fong, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong on the Greater Bay Area as a region. The webinar was concluded with three short interviews with Dutch SME’s who are active in three different cities in the region. 

The Consul-General in Guangzhou as well as in Hong Kong & Macau both stressed the GBA region as China’s fastest growing economic hub. “With over 70 million people and a GDP of USD 1,650 billion the Greater Bay Area offers many opportunities for Dutch business”

Loretta Fong, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, introduced the Greater Bay Area and gave a deep dive on the different cities and their differing levels of affluence. In addition she was benchmarking the Greater Bay Area against three other Bay Areas in the world to show its potential. As far as industries with potentials: Innovation & tech is the “theme” of GBA, with a complete industry supply chain businesses can find everything they need from R&D to product commercialisation.

Download the full Presentation here

To conclude there were three short interviews with Dutch SME’s who are already active in the region for some time; Arthur Tideman (A4M-Orange Creatives), Rob van Eck (Smart Brands International) and Guido Leenknegt (Madern Asia). They gave insights in their personal journey of setting up a business in the GBA area.

Do you want to know more about doing business in the Greater Bay Area and/or do you want to get to know the local Dutch network?

Do not hesitate to contact the Benelux Chamber of Commerce PRD in Guangzhou or the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. They will help you with the next steps!

This webinar is part of a series of webinars on the Greater Bay Area. Please stay tuned for the upcoming webinars via ​​​​​