Opportunities and strategic fits in Greater Bay Area

  • Date 25 August 2020
  • Time 10:00 - 11:00
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Opportunities and strategic fits in Greater Bay Area

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Our second introduction about Greater Bay Area (GBA) has a focus on strategic fits for companies wanting to do business in GBA and how to create that positive value to your company.

At this webinar, our three speakers will give more insight on the possibilities and smart investment strategies for tech companies like startups, fintech, AI, robotics and smart cities as well as the different communication strategies between the GBA cities.

Mr Jack Lau, Council Member at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a PhD in engineering science, will zoom in on the technology trends and opportunities in GBA area with a focus on Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Being one of the founders of Perception Digital (a 500 HKEX listed company), Jack perfectly knows how to combine his academic knowledge with his entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr Michael Chow, Managing Partner at Radiant Ventures, feels at home in the fast growing and advanced technology start up industry of Hong Kong and Southern China. He will shine a light on which investment strategies fit best. High tech venture capital investments are his favourite topic: "With a combined GDP of an estimated US$1.6 trillion, the GBA is well positioned to skyrocket into becoming the world's top 10 economic region, from its current 13th place in the next 5 years."

Now that you have learned more about your strategic fit to do business in GBA, it is maybe even more important to use the right marketing communication strategy to create that positive value. Ms Crystal Wai, Director of Integrated Strategy at GHC Asia, will explain how Hong Kong / Guangdong are different in communication from the other GBA cities. And how to target ones marcomms message when starting in the GBA.

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